MMFS Layna

SCG TTF Louise

SCG TTF Thelma

HKGF Dallas Alice is a gorgeous, long bodied and straight back dam.  She's from among some of the best kiko genetics that include both top and bottom Sunnyboy 117 (Loverboy).

Alice is a very attentive mother that loves her role.

Photo on 5-15-2017


SCG TTF Bonnie

Photo on 7-16-2019

Photo on 7-16-2019

SCG TTF Sunday

Photo on 12-3-2017

DOB:  2-2-2018

Birth Wt:  7.38

30 day Wt:  16.30

90 day Wt:  37.6

150 day Wt:  46.8

Photo on 7-16-2019

Photo on 7-4-2018

DOB:  4-17-2018

Birth Wt:  6.75

30 day Wt:  18.6

90 day Wt:  36.6

150 day Wt:  50.6

Photo on 4-18-2019

Photo on 6-17-2017

Photo on 9-13-2016 when she was paralyzed, in her (homemade) standing chair to help keep circulation to her legs.  She spent 3 weeks in and out of this chair as she learned to walk again.

MMFS Layna is a very impressive dam. She has proven to be a superb kiko mother. She is an easy keeper, that twins every birth. She has perfect 1+1 teats and averages between a 1 and 2 FAMACHA.  During her kids first 4 weeks she is adamant they stay on her side.  At only 110 lbs. She fears nothing and will charge any threat that strays to close. 

100% New Zealand Kiko Goat Farm

Photo on 3-2-2019

Photo on 4-18-2019

Photo on 7-16-2019

DOB:  4-17-2018

Birth Wt:  6.69

30 day Wt:  16.0

90 day Wt:  29.2

150 day Wt:  39.2

Updated 7-17-2019

Photo on 6-7-2017


Photo on 6-16-2017

Photo on 1-11-2019

Photo on 9-25-2017

HKGF Dallas Alice


Photo on 7-16-2019

Photo on 1-5-2017

SCG TTF Puddin'

TTF Puddin' has already shown us how strong her survival instincts are.  Just one week prior to her 6 month birthday, she fell climbing a fence trying to be with the bucks.  This resulted with her having a severe neck injury and concussion that left her paralyzed from the neck down.  Incredibly after one month of intense physical therapy, she was returned back to the herd.  This vigor Puddin' has shown is a tributing factor why we kept her to mother kids from our son of Blue's Son, PRG Blue's Lotto.